What is Package in SSIS?

Let’s understand the basics of Package in SSIS. This could also be a good interview question for SSIS.

  • A package is a unit of work that is retrieved, executed and saved.image
  • It’s a collection of various objects i.e. Control Flow elements, data flow elements,event handlers, variables, logging which together builds a package.
  • Various functionalities can be added into package using Control Flow elements, Data Flow elements.
  • We can set the security settings on the package.
  • We can also incorporate transactions in packages to better control the package execution.
  • Using connection managers in package helps us to connect with different data sources to extract and load data.
  • Logging in packages allows us to better control the package execution and also enables efficient error handling.
  • Event handlers handles the events raised during the package runtime.


Happy Learning !!!


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