What is Package in SSIS?

Let’s understand the basics of Package in SSIS. This could also be a good interview question for SSIS.

  • A package is a unit of work that is retrieved, executed and saved.image
  • It’s a collection of various objects i.e. Control Flow elements, data flow elements,event handlers, variables, logging which together builds a package.
  • Various functionalities can be added into package using Control Flow elements, Data Flow elements.
  • We can set the security settings on the package.
  • We can also incorporate transactions in packages to better control the package execution.
  • Using connection managers in package helps us to connect with different data sources to extract and load data.
  • Logging in packages allows us to better control the package execution and also enables efficient error handling.
  • Event handlers handles the events raised during the package runtime.


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What is LineageID in SSIS?

Let’s understand about LineageID property in SSIS

  1. LineageID is a very important property in SSIS packages.
  2. Every column used in dataflow has atleast one LineageID.
  3. It’s an integer value which identifies the column in the buffer.
  4. A column can have more than one LineageID and this is based on the types of transformation outputs  the column has (or passes through) in the data flow.

Below is the image of column properties in ADO.NET Source – Advanced Editor (right click on the ADO.NET Source in Data  Flow task and select Show Advanced Editor)

Image : 1



Image 2:  How to open Advanced Editor for ADO.NET Source (in Data Flow Task)



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